Building a relationship bridge to customers

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Sondzin, by nature of its design business, has been involved in marketing for clients for many years. We have seen a lot and a lot that does and does not work.

Direct Mail
Do you know how powerful direct mail marketing can be? Do you know the costs involved? How about personalized mail, variable printing? We offer these services and we know how to leverage your data to make an impact on potential clients.

Mailing List Services
Do you have a client list? Do you know how best to utilize that list? Do you know you can buy data for any location, zip code, demographic—age, income, children, etc? Where or who are your best target markets? We can get the data and make it useful and cost-effective.

Digital Printing
How can digital printing make a difference in your marketing efforts? How fast do you want to get your message out? Days? Hours? How fast does your message or information need to be in potential client’s hands? We can get same and next-day turnaround when necessary, or get your message created and sent out in a week, not weeks or months!