Whatever you can dream, we can create!

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Compelling and Personal. Do you need invitations to an event? A party? A special occaision? Would you like personalized invitations that stand out from anything you’ve ever seen before?

Sondzin can work with you to craft a beautiful and memorable piece to highlight your event. We use personalization and custom tailored design to create invitations and all the pieces that go with it—posters, RSVP cards, place cards, table tents, party favors, tickets. Whatever you can dream, we can create!

Below are a few of the invitations we have created.*

invite-src3 invite-src1 invite-src2 invite-gv1 invite-gv2 invite-gv3 invite-gv4 invite-gv5 invite-gv6 invite-dp1 invite-dp2 invite-dp3