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What you want to know

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Sondzin offers excellence in graphic design solutions, exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technology in marketing. Building on our 20 years’ experience, we bring to you an array of services to help you or your company make a difference, sell more product, become more visible and achieve your goals.

Sondzin is a third-generation graphic design company. What we mean by third-generation, is that this is the third birth of a company that has been supplying graphic design solutions for over 20 years. If you know who we are, you may remember the longer version of this name, Son Designs. That company was the heart of the first and second iteration of this design group.

In this third-generation, we focus on cutting edge marketing solutions for small businesses as well as offer some amazing design and web solutions for hand-picked customers. Also, our newest addition is our ability to create instant apparel designs and deliver them to the customer the same week, day or even hour they are ordered.

Sondzin also enjoys a close realtionship with a local digital print company called BrightDart. As the principal for Sondzin, I am also the Creative Director for BrightDart.

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